In 2015, I ventured into Child and Family Wellness, recognizing the need to create much awareness that habits that impact on our well-being begin from the home.

Hence, The WellBaby Radio Show” was born. a great resource for parents, educators and caregivers.
How do we nurture ourselves and our children to create a healthier, more active and happier world?
We sought to reduce the incidences of lifestyle induced health challenges via imparting the right knowledge. We did this weekly unfailingly for 3 years.

In 2017, we took this experience to the streets by organizing our first ever Family themed wellness festival “The WellBaby Wellness Train”. Which was a resounding success and with expert speakers in attendance, the theme ‘Childhood Obesity‘ was done justice.

After resting The WellBaby Radio Show in late 2018, by early 2019, we had redesigned our focus to include Corporate Wellness in our offering.
Reason is simple. Next to the home, the workplace is the most important contributor to our wellness. It is important to also create as much needed awareness as possible on that front. Workplace wellness or a lack of it plays a huge role in how able and willing employees are to see to the growth and survival of any business.

As “The Wellness Boss”, consulting with and for organizations, teams and employees in Nigeria to help elevate the issue of employee well-being, one thing became glaringly clear. The Corporate Wellness culture is next to non-existent, except for the multinationals.
This is a distressing discovery, as the workplace accounts for a huge percentage of a worker’s physical and mental health decline which also greatly imparts the health of the business or workplace.

I also noticed that most books in the market addressing this gap are foreign books, with no concept of our own unique business terrain.

My new book addresses the main challenge behind this…which is knowledge…the right knowledge. And not just knowledge but also the application of it.

Its not just a book however, its a guideline, a tool kit that will be indispensable to anyone that works. Either for self or others. It is packed full of practical tips, workshops and case studies from Nigerian companies.

I am quite excited about the end-product. Not just because it will be my first ever book. Published or otherwise. The rich content therein that is both theoretical and practical, in simple words (using the alphabet) and illustrations that anyone can relate to is not somthing i have seen anywhere. Anyone being entrepreneurs, executives, team leads, employees, employers and corporate leaders.

The book which also promises to be a great support for any Human Resource department will be available in the second quarter of 2020.
However, the pre-order window is currently open giving you an opportunity to enjoy a massive discount.

Send me a line if you want to know how you can pre-order or if you need to make further enquiries such as my availability to come speak at your event or help facilitate a wellness workshop in your workplace.



In recent times, no word has received lots of recognition like the word wellness. It has spiked a movement where celebrities and socialites alike have made it a lifestyle to trend. Everybody seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Naturally, there is a tendency to think of it as a fad..a buzz word that will go the way of others before it and probably end up in oblivion.

Trends are usually a flash in the pan wonders. They make the noise, attract so much time…but then lose steam and fade

There is a danger with having that type of thought though. Wellness is beyond a buzz word or a fad..well, it should be.

Wellness is about your life…in its entirety. Its about learning how to depend you to live your best life possible. It is about being more intentional with the lifestyle choices you make. It is about making and being the positive force in your environment.

When you see wellness this way, you know you are doing that word a disservice by seeing it just as a fad.

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Let me tell you a few dangers associated with that thought;

  1. you become easily swayed by every scheme promising you results
  2. you fall prey to the get-it-now syndrome because…you want to achieve that result before “wellness” finishes
  3. you dont think about your health but about aesthetics
  4. you simply are not bothered because you dont do fads
  5. you wait for the buzzword to die out while continuing on the dangerous path of your unhealthy living
  6. you shun help from professionals, such as myself, because, they dont know you or what you have been through
  7. you open yourself to conditions such as organ failure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and become a statistic
  8. you spend an incredible amount of money on stuff you dont need for results that are at best elusive
  9. you are not willing to invest the required time and resources

In contrast, living a true life of wellness;

  • you strive for sustainable habits
  • your lifestyle choices become more holistic
  • you seek less of outside validation than personal satisfaction
  • you become a connoisseur of positivity
  • you dont approach your wellbeing from the perspective of what others are doing
  • you become the power that you seek, building resilience in yourself
  • you are happier and healthier
  • self love and a deeper appreciation for others become your reality

So, yes, wellness is beyond a buzzword. Yes, there are some aspects of wellness such as diets that seem to be a fad that has come to stay. But lets face it…have they really? There is always a new diet, different or closely related to the last that will promise amazing results. So, you find that you are yo-yoing. However, what should trend – which is healthy eating – is not as glamorous. Is seen as boring…and maybe too “affordable”?

Do you agree? Or not? Kindly share your thoughts.

DEPRESSION: I Met Someone With BiPolar

Mental health-depression-bipolar

One of the reasons I loved hosting A Woman’s World was the conversations.

I absolutely lived for them. Interacting with people of diverse interests yet with one singular goal…to see women live their best lives. Understanding what made them tick…and finding myself in some of them.

This particular episode was quite insightful for me. We have talked about mental health and depression before. However, this was where I was confronted with an individual that lived with the bi-polar condition for the very first time.

I was curious…to say the least. I half expected her to transform into something else on camera…shocking, I know. But you have to understand, before then, whenever I thought of bi-polar…I thought of a multiple personality scenario.

Which is why education is key. Learn. Open your minds to new perspectives and realities.

Hauwa made me understand a lot. She clarified certain concerns I had and rubbished some myths regarding depression. The doctors too were very helpful.

Check my facebook page for the video

Hauwa Ojiefor, since this interview has gone global with her foundation She Write Woman taking her message beyond the corners of her country.

I am proud to see that she has remained relentless increating the necessary awareness that mental health issues are just like any other illness and should be viewed as such rather than something to be ashamed of.

A place where shame and stigma can be rife is in the workplace though. How is your organisation exacerbating this issue? Once mental health is compromised, it affects physical health and eventually work suffers.

So, how are you correcting that?

If you will like to watch the full unedited video visit YouTube

If you are depressed, or know someone who is depressed, help them get help by referring them to professionals who can handle the situation.

On your own though, its important to practice positive self love, self talk and selfacere. Develop healthy and productive habits and relationships. Do not get lured into prolonged isolation episodes. Most importantly, ask for help


talking more about stress will boost quality and quantity of lives - Kris Oziofu Ero

Being alive alone is stressful.
Stress is an aspect of daily living, so a level of stress is expected and quite normal.

Most often stress is caused by anxiety brought on by undue pressure. Makes those most prone to stress those who are natural worryers and those who do lots of multitasking. That is why women account for the highest ratio when it comes to stressed individuals.

A lot of people have equated hardwork to stress so much that most bosses dont see it as a problem. For them, it just simply is a sign that their subordinates are working.

However, when stress becomes a cause for worry is when it begins to affect your lifestyle negatively.

You no longer find joy in the little things that used to enthrall you. You find that your eating pattern has changed drastically – you either eat too much or too little. You are drinking more. You are sleeping less. Or more. You are constantly fatigued. You have a constant feeling of exasperation and frustration. Your productivity goes down. You begin to notice fluctuations in your weight. I could go on and on.

Do you currently identify with these indicators? Then you most probably are stressed.

So what do you do? What did you do?

I will talk about how you can fight stress in subsequent posts.

May Wellness Fall on You!