In 2015, I ventured into Child and Family Wellness, recognizing the need to create much awareness that habits that impact on our well-being begin from the home.

Hence, The WellBaby Radio Show” was born. a great resource for parents, educators and caregivers.
How do we nurture ourselves and our children to create a healthier, more active and happier world?
We sought to reduce the incidences of lifestyle induced health challenges via imparting the right knowledge. We did this weekly unfailingly for 3 years.

In 2017, we took this experience to the streets by organizing our first ever Family themed wellness festival “The WellBaby Wellness Train”. Which was a resounding success and with expert speakers in attendance, the theme ‘Childhood Obesity‘ was done justice.

After resting The WellBaby Radio Show in late 2018, by early 2019, we had redesigned our focus to include Corporate Wellness in our offering.
Reason is simple. Next to the home, the workplace is the most important contributor to our wellness. It is important to also create as much needed awareness as possible on that front. Workplace wellness or a lack of it plays a huge role in how able and willing employees are to see to the growth and survival of any business.

As “The Wellness Boss”, consulting with and for organizations, teams and employees in Nigeria to help elevate the issue of employee well-being, one thing became glaringly clear. The Corporate Wellness culture is next to non-existent, except for the multinationals.
This is a distressing discovery, as the workplace accounts for a huge percentage of a worker’s physical and mental health decline which also greatly imparts the health of the business or workplace.

I also noticed that most books in the market addressing this gap are foreign books, with no concept of our own unique business terrain.

My new book addresses the main challenge behind this…which is knowledge…the right knowledge. And not just knowledge but also the application of it.

Its not just a book however, its a guideline, a tool kit that will be indispensable to anyone that works. Either for self or others. It is packed full of practical tips, workshops and case studies from Nigerian companies.

I am quite excited about the end-product. Not just because it will be my first ever book. Published or otherwise. The rich content therein that is both theoretical and practical, in simple words (using the alphabet) and illustrations that anyone can relate to is not somthing i have seen anywhere. Anyone being entrepreneurs, executives, team leads, employees, employers and corporate leaders.

The book which also promises to be a great support for any Human Resource department will be available in the second quarter of 2020.
However, the pre-order window is currently open giving you an opportunity to enjoy a massive discount.

Send me a line if you want to know how you can pre-order or if you need to make further enquiries such as my availability to come speak at your event or help facilitate a wellness workshop in your workplace.



I love bread. I always have. Not the wheat breads…nor the ones made to look like whole grain bread. Neither do I like the crumbly kind. Bread has to have a drawy agege-bread kinda consistency (Naija folk will get this)…with one caveat. It has got to be fresh for me to eat AND enjoy it. Like same day freshness.

Yeah, I know the drill about white bread and carbs. I also do know that wisdom is what is paramount. Like I tell my clients…it is not the food that is the enemy but how you eat the food that counts. You can literally eat anything you like. Eating shouldn’t be a bore nor a sort of punishment for choosing a healthier life option. Just watch your carb portions, mix them up with healthy options and take note of WHEN you eat them. Trust me, my clients are not complaining. They are happy and do not have a love-hate relationshp with food that a lot of dieters have.

As you can see in the featured image, there is a medley of veggies on the dish accompanying the bread.

Anyway, back to the purpose of the post.

It is not always practical to exhaust a loaf of bread in one day in my home. Usually, it lasts into the following day.

So what does a bread lover like me who doesnt like day old bread do? Well, I will share my tips and tricks with you.

  1. I keep it in the fridge or freezer same day to retain its straight-from-the-bakery freshness
  2. I make toasts

Yup. That is all.

In this pic are 2 types of toast. 1 slice of pan fried and another of french.


take a slice of bread, butter both sides and fry in a heated pan. Flip to the other side and brown it the way you like.

(TIP: I love cinnamon, so I mix the butter with cinnamon before buttering…yum! You can add spices of your choice…another fave is nutmeg)


Well, in this particular recipe I used 4 eggs, a tin of evaporated milk, cinnamon (duh), as I was cooking for a family of 5.

After whisking everything together, I dip slices of bread in it, ensuring its soaked through, then fry in a moderately heated pan with a tablespoon of oil. Again…let it brown to your choice

(TIP: if the slices are too thin, the bread will fall apart before they can be transferred to the pan. So, ensure they are thick enough)

Of course, if you over indulge in this type of meal, you will be worsening your wellness journey. Notice, I had just 2 slices? And the rich mix of veggies and omelette fried in half a teaspoon of oil?

For the veggies medley,

What I did was dice up cucumbers, lettuce and grated beetroot with some choppings of fried sausages. And just mix it all together. My family loved it, especially my kids as they kept asking for more. I also think its a nice way to get fussy children to eat their veggies.

So, if you are like me…and you dont like day old bread…I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful.

Also, let me share my tip about bread. If you are a bread lover and you are being forced not to eat (due to a chosen diet not for medical reasons)…relax! Whether white or brown, sweet or sweetened; just like with everything else…eat in moderation and according to your body needs. Accompany it with loads of veggies, proteins and fruits. Best to eat it earlier in the day and avoid late night bingeing or close to your bedtime

If you are not a bread lover fine. This post is not for you. lols

Thanks for visiting my blog. Tell me, is there anything else you would like me to write about?


talking more about stress will boost quality and quantity of lives - Kris Oziofu Ero

As a public speaker and teacher, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of being too verbose. Most times, this comes from a place of nervousness and anxiety.

I love speaking, I love teaching. I have hosted a TV show and I currently host my second radio show. I have hosted small and big events. I am very comfortable in front of the camera and in front of a group of people. Small and large. However, I will tell you this for free.

Everytime, right before I am to face the camera or people, I get butterflies in my tummy. You know that queasy feeling? Where you are scared you will forget your well rehearsed intro or you will end up tripping on stage or your audience will be very unfriendly? Yeah, that feeling.

Then you get on stage and you allow the anxiety to take over you. Then stage fright sets in. To cover up one of two things always happens. Either you clam up or you talk too fast and too much. And it is mostly the latter.

The problem with talking too much, is you easily lose focus and start to misyarn. Which is always detected by your audience. They begin to wonder what you are on about. You easily lose them and the event is already dead on arrival.

So, I am going to give you a few tips of mine.

  1. First of all, recognise that everyone has the queasy feeling. Even the ones you admire in the business. This will calm you down and assure you you are not alone. If they can do it, why not you? Right?
  2. Know that at that moment, everyone waiting to hear from you is there because they believe in you and trust your ability to deliver. Which even though is some form of pressure, it ought to boost your confidence a little.
  3. Remember who you are. Try to stay true to that. Which is what you were contracted for in the first place
  4. Remember the nature of the event and always have in front of you the nature of guests or audience
  5. Set your sights above the sea of heads, to avoid a discouraging look that could flounder your confidence. Or pick a random smiling and encouraging face (there is always one or two) and keep coming back to that face
  6. Note down your points. You dont have to be a comedian. You just need to deliver the message. Dont pressure yourself to be funny. Be natural. Be detailed. Be engaging. Be a teacher
  7. If you are done, you are done. Simple. You do not need to fill up the extra time with more words. Except you are an event host, then you can always involve your audience in a “Q and A” or some interactive exercises as time fillers. This always works magic. And gives you extra points too. So, you are not just an event host, but you are also a moderator and you know how to work a crowd. Good value for money.

What are those things you find work for you to quell that queasy feeling? Do share.