In 2015, I ventured into Child and Family Wellness, recognizing the need to create much awareness that habits that impact on our well-being begin from the home.

Hence, The WellBaby Radio Show” was born. a great resource for parents, educators and caregivers.
How do we nurture ourselves and our children to create a healthier, more active and happier world?
We sought to reduce the incidences of lifestyle induced health challenges via imparting the right knowledge. We did this weekly unfailingly for 3 years.

In 2017, we took this experience to the streets by organizing our first ever Family themed wellness festival “The WellBaby Wellness Train”. Which was a resounding success and with expert speakers in attendance, the theme ‘Childhood Obesity‘ was done justice.

After resting The WellBaby Radio Show in late 2018, by early 2019, we had redesigned our focus to include Corporate Wellness in our offering.
Reason is simple. Next to the home, the workplace is the most important contributor to our wellness. It is important to also create as much needed awareness as possible on that front. Workplace wellness or a lack of it plays a huge role in how able and willing employees are to see to the growth and survival of any business.

As “The Wellness Boss”, consulting with and for organizations, teams and employees in Nigeria to help elevate the issue of employee well-being, one thing became glaringly clear. The Corporate Wellness culture is next to non-existent, except for the multinationals.
This is a distressing discovery, as the workplace accounts for a huge percentage of a worker’s physical and mental health decline which also greatly imparts the health of the business or workplace.

I also noticed that most books in the market addressing this gap are foreign books, with no concept of our own unique business terrain.

My new book addresses the main challenge behind this…which is knowledge…the right knowledge. And not just knowledge but also the application of it.

Its not just a book however, its a guideline, a tool kit that will be indispensable to anyone that works. Either for self or others. It is packed full of practical tips, workshops and case studies from Nigerian companies.

I am quite excited about the end-product. Not just because it will be my first ever book. Published or otherwise. The rich content therein that is both theoretical and practical, in simple words (using the alphabet) and illustrations that anyone can relate to is not somthing i have seen anywhere. Anyone being entrepreneurs, executives, team leads, employees, employers and corporate leaders.

The book which also promises to be a great support for any Human Resource department will be available in the second quarter of 2020.
However, the pre-order window is currently open giving you an opportunity to enjoy a massive discount.

Send me a line if you want to know how you can pre-order or if you need to make further enquiries such as my availability to come speak at your event or help facilitate a wellness workshop in your workplace.



Dont go into shock mode…yet.

Yes. I am stressed. And it is okay.

I will tell you why. Stress is our bodies’ way of dealing with anxiety and pressure. Stress tells us when to slow down, take a break or quit. Stress is just my body’s way of protecting me. Figuratively and literally.

Awww. Isnt that sweet?

You should find that amazing too.

The thing about our bodies is that they are naturally equipped with mechanisms to speak to us in different ways and help us cope with the exertions of daily living.

Just as with a car that dies on the road due to fuel shortage. It usually gives a sign…right? What happens is that the driver either ignored the sign or didnt recognise the signm so he kept using the car until it could no longer move. So, the problem isnt that the car stopped. Its a natural consequence for the car to stop. The problem is the driver. If he had stopped to refuel, the car wouldnt have stopped.

Thats generally how our bodies function.

Living is stressful. Regardless of the level of life you are at. Whether you are in school, about to write an exam, having to deal with a change, looking for a job, coping with a loss, raising your children, managing a health challenge, having to pay rent, thinking of the next meal, dealing with your spouse, starting a new business venture, catching up with friends you havent seen in ages, dealing with rejection, handling success, phew…I could go on and on. Even the tiniest bit of activity such as driving can raise our stress levels.

And because I have come to learn that being stressed is not the problem. I have discovered what the problem is. Just as with the car analogy.

That’s why I can boldly say, I am stressed. Because I have experienced (and still) all that and more. And no…its not negative confession. Its stating the fact. Saying anything else will be living in denial.

Me. I am the problem. My inability to recognise when I am stressed, to identify what stresses me out and to deal appropriately with anxiety when it does come. In short, stress becomes a problem for me…when I do not tune myself to listen and act in a way that doesn’t enable my stressors do more harm to me.

And this requires honesty. Which can be brutal and hurtful. But, it is what it is.

For a long time, I didn’t understand how this could be. I would find myself constantly angry, frustrated, being pessimistic, moody with constant headaches. Instead of taking charge of my body and reactions…I would dump the responsibility elsewhere…worsening my situation.

I had to learn the hard way, that continuing like that was doing more harm. So…I started focusing on me. I started being attentive to my body, understanding what triggers it. My experience and training in Stress Management also helped. I was now able to apply these techniques to managing the situation so it doesnt escalate.

I started learning resilience. We all are born with resilience. Its just that our nurturing and experiences sometimes robs us of that power. So, we are unable to hone it.

For instance, I am stuck in traffic for over 4 hiurs and some random bike man knocks over my side mirror, the natural reaction will be to yell scream further agitating myself. Instead, I focus on deep breathing. And control my speech…mentally. I learn to choose my battles so to speak. Yes, the side mirror is broken and it will probably cost some money. But what is more important? Your mental (and physical) health or the side mirror? Your answer will tell you how resilient you are.

Coping with stress included learning how to prioritise. Learning how to master your emotions and your environment. Because sometimes a coping technique could involve you stepping out of the stressful environment, which is your comfort zone. I dont have to tell you how doing that can also heighten your anxiety which can immobilise you posing the risk to remain.

Oftentimes, when couples bicker and things get out of control…it stems from an inability to cope with the anxiety that comes from disagreements. In such cases, the best skill will be to quieten your thoughts and not give into the lure of lashing out. Sometimes…walking away for a while and allowing yourself calm down might just be what you need.

Let me say what it is that happens when you allow stress to fester,

  1. It begins to reflect in your physical health, aches, pains, high blood pressure etc
  2. It compromises your mental health leading to depression, suicidal thoughts, forgetfullnes and lethargy
  3. It affects your lifestyle: poor eating habits, isolations, laziness, substance abuse
  4. It affects your productivity: you lose interest in work, you lose income, you lose respect of your boss and colleagues
  5. It affects your relationships: no one likes a moody and negative person that is constantly angry or lashing out, so you find people giving you space

Now…this can also happen when we always picture stress in a negative light. So, when you feel it, you develop the anxiety that something must be wrong with you. Now because, we havent learnt how to ope with anxiety, our stress levels worsen…get it? It becomes a cycle.

Stop it.

Its perfectly okay to be stressed. Go on…say it…I am stressed. See? Thunder didnt strike you dead. Did it?

Today is International Stress Awareness Day. And I think it is awesome to take advantage of the information out there to begin to have a mindset change regarding stress.

Ignorance in managing stress is the problem. Not stress.

Inability to identify your stressors is the problem. Not stress

Ignoring the signs and symptoms of stress is the problem. Not stress.

Creating an environment that aggravates stress at home and in the workplace is the problem. Not stress.

Stop giving stress a bad name.

Heck, stress saves us. Literally!

Become resilient. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You definitely will have some bad days…I mean…that’s what life and living does to you. Sometimes you might need to let go of some people, jobs, habits, friends…for your sanity. But you know what? You got this.


Are you stressed?

Happy International Steess Awareness Day!

If you need to talk to someone, or you need to equip yourself and your team with techniques to help them master stress…just hit me up HERE.



I love bread. I always have. Not the wheat breads…nor the ones made to look like whole grain bread. Neither do I like the crumbly kind. Bread has to have a drawy agege-bread kinda consistency (Naija folk will get this)…with one caveat. It has got to be fresh for me to eat AND enjoy it. Like same day freshness.

Yeah, I know the drill about white bread and carbs. I also do know that wisdom is what is paramount. Like I tell my clients…it is not the food that is the enemy but how you eat the food that counts. You can literally eat anything you like. Eating shouldn’t be a bore nor a sort of punishment for choosing a healthier life option. Just watch your carb portions, mix them up with healthy options and take note of WHEN you eat them. Trust me, my clients are not complaining. They are happy and do not have a love-hate relationshp with food that a lot of dieters have.

As you can see in the featured image, there is a medley of veggies on the dish accompanying the bread.

Anyway, back to the purpose of the post.

It is not always practical to exhaust a loaf of bread in one day in my home. Usually, it lasts into the following day.

So what does a bread lover like me who doesnt like day old bread do? Well, I will share my tips and tricks with you.

  1. I keep it in the fridge or freezer same day to retain its straight-from-the-bakery freshness
  2. I make toasts

Yup. That is all.

In this pic are 2 types of toast. 1 slice of pan fried and another of french.


take a slice of bread, butter both sides and fry in a heated pan. Flip to the other side and brown it the way you like.

(TIP: I love cinnamon, so I mix the butter with cinnamon before buttering…yum! You can add spices of your choice…another fave is nutmeg)


Well, in this particular recipe I used 4 eggs, a tin of evaporated milk, cinnamon (duh), as I was cooking for a family of 5.

After whisking everything together, I dip slices of bread in it, ensuring its soaked through, then fry in a moderately heated pan with a tablespoon of oil. Again…let it brown to your choice

(TIP: if the slices are too thin, the bread will fall apart before they can be transferred to the pan. So, ensure they are thick enough)

Of course, if you over indulge in this type of meal, you will be worsening your wellness journey. Notice, I had just 2 slices? And the rich mix of veggies and omelette fried in half a teaspoon of oil?

For the veggies medley,

What I did was dice up cucumbers, lettuce and grated beetroot with some choppings of fried sausages. And just mix it all together. My family loved it, especially my kids as they kept asking for more. I also think its a nice way to get fussy children to eat their veggies.

So, if you are like me…and you dont like day old bread…I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful.

Also, let me share my tip about bread. If you are a bread lover and you are being forced not to eat (due to a chosen diet not for medical reasons)…relax! Whether white or brown, sweet or sweetened; just like with everything else…eat in moderation and according to your body needs. Accompany it with loads of veggies, proteins and fruits. Best to eat it earlier in the day and avoid late night bingeing or close to your bedtime

If you are not a bread lover fine. This post is not for you. lols

Thanks for visiting my blog. Tell me, is there anything else you would like me to write about?



In recent times, no word has received lots of recognition like the word wellness. It has spiked a movement where celebrities and socialites alike have made it a lifestyle to trend. Everybody seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Naturally, there is a tendency to think of it as a fad..a buzz word that will go the way of others before it and probably end up in oblivion.

Trends are usually a flash in the pan wonders. They make the noise, attract so much time…but then lose steam and fade

There is a danger with having that type of thought though. Wellness is beyond a buzz word or a fad..well, it should be.

Wellness is about your life…in its entirety. Its about learning how to depend you to live your best life possible. It is about being more intentional with the lifestyle choices you make. It is about making and being the positive force in your environment.

When you see wellness this way, you know you are doing that word a disservice by seeing it just as a fad.

No alt text provided for this image

Let me tell you a few dangers associated with that thought;

  1. you become easily swayed by every scheme promising you results
  2. you fall prey to the get-it-now syndrome because…you want to achieve that result before “wellness” finishes
  3. you dont think about your health but about aesthetics
  4. you simply are not bothered because you dont do fads
  5. you wait for the buzzword to die out while continuing on the dangerous path of your unhealthy living
  6. you shun help from professionals, such as myself, because, they dont know you or what you have been through
  7. you open yourself to conditions such as organ failure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and become a statistic
  8. you spend an incredible amount of money on stuff you dont need for results that are at best elusive
  9. you are not willing to invest the required time and resources

In contrast, living a true life of wellness;

  • you strive for sustainable habits
  • your lifestyle choices become more holistic
  • you seek less of outside validation than personal satisfaction
  • you become a connoisseur of positivity
  • you dont approach your wellbeing from the perspective of what others are doing
  • you become the power that you seek, building resilience in yourself
  • you are happier and healthier
  • self love and a deeper appreciation for others become your reality

So, yes, wellness is beyond a buzzword. Yes, there are some aspects of wellness such as diets that seem to be a fad that has come to stay. But lets face it…have they really? There is always a new diet, different or closely related to the last that will promise amazing results. So, you find that you are yo-yoing. However, what should trend – which is healthy eating – is not as glamorous. Is seen as boring…and maybe too “affordable”?

Do you agree? Or not? Kindly share your thoughts.

DEPRESSION: I Met Someone With BiPolar

Mental health-depression-bipolar

One of the reasons I loved hosting A Woman’s World was the conversations.

I absolutely lived for them. Interacting with people of diverse interests yet with one singular goal…to see women live their best lives. Understanding what made them tick…and finding myself in some of them.

This particular episode was quite insightful for me. We have talked about mental health and depression before. However, this was where I was confronted with an individual that lived with the bi-polar condition for the very first time.

I was curious…to say the least. I half expected her to transform into something else on camera…shocking, I know. But you have to understand, before then, whenever I thought of bi-polar…I thought of a multiple personality scenario.

Which is why education is key. Learn. Open your minds to new perspectives and realities.

Hauwa made me understand a lot. She clarified certain concerns I had and rubbished some myths regarding depression. The doctors too were very helpful.

Check my facebook page for the video

Hauwa Ojiefor, since this interview has gone global with her foundation She Write Woman taking her message beyond the corners of her country.

I am proud to see that she has remained relentless increating the necessary awareness that mental health issues are just like any other illness and should be viewed as such rather than something to be ashamed of.

A place where shame and stigma can be rife is in the workplace though. How is your organisation exacerbating this issue? Once mental health is compromised, it affects physical health and eventually work suffers.

So, how are you correcting that?

If you will like to watch the full unedited video visit YouTube

If you are depressed, or know someone who is depressed, help them get help by referring them to professionals who can handle the situation.

On your own though, its important to practice positive self love, self talk and selfacere. Develop healthy and productive habits and relationships. Do not get lured into prolonged isolation episodes. Most importantly, ask for help

Lessons from “Beatriz at Dinner”


I am fascinated by the tube. I always have been. Right from when I was a child. I recall, how my parents literally had to tear me away from the screen several times. I was that glued. Infact…the saying then, was that, if I wasnt careful, I was gonna end up on TV. Hahaha. Go figure.

I watch mostly all genres. Movies, Series. Horror used to be a fave…but I outgrew that. Same with romance movies…I find them too sappy at times, except theres a load of humor in it. Top on the list for me are super-hero movies, fantasies, espionage (cue in James Bond and Ethan Hunt), action. However, a sense of humor always nets it for me. I love to laugh. And my humor is kinda quirky…so, while I am drawn to the obvious funny movies…I am right at home with dark comedies.

I am also searching for something when I watch movies. No matrer how silly, theres got to be some takeaway from it…right? Not like I am a nerd …but…please…let there just be some sense. At least. Hahaha.

So, when I stumbled on the synopsis of “Beatriz at Dinner”…and read dark comedy…I was like waoh! Then I saw the cast…Salma Hayek, John Lithgow and Connie Britton…I was like …double whammy.

I first stumbled on Connie in “Nashville” and since then, I have been a fan. John Lithgow is a comedic genius and Salma…heats up the screen everytime.

Now, its not a new movie…relatively. 2017, actually. So, I know by watching it just a couple of days ago, I sorta came late to the party. Lols. But bear with me.

Boy oh boy! I knew it was going to enthrall me. But I wasnt expecting such depth hidden in such a seemingly simple story.

An isolated vegan holistic healer played by Salma who finds herself unplanned in the midst of rich, uppity folks in the home of her client played by Connie. Everything seems okay…you know…classic case of rich meets poor. The nuances were there. Beatriz (Salma’s character) was largely bemused by all, with sort of a smile plastered on her face while she stood on the sidelines watching and observing. The rich guests mostly ignored her…until Connie’s character drew her in.

Meanwhile, Connie’s character (I forget her name) was smitten with Beatriz’s abilities and as her client could not stop gushing to her female friends about how amazing she is. She obviously believed so much in Beatriz.

If I might add…I have NEVER seen Salma look this plain. Like…she was transformed. Everything that earned her her sultriness was intentionally downplayed. They tried sha…but you could still feel it. Chaii…when you have it…you have it please.

So, back to the story. Beatriz was doing well and it appeared she was blending in quite well too…until she encountered John Lithgow’s character. Waoh! A standing ovation for Mr Lithgow. I doubt if anyone else could have nailed such an obnoxiously yet fun character. He is an in-your-face, what-can-you-do-about-it eccentric billionaire who is on his 3rd wife (I think), loves life (except when he is hunting), loves power and of course loves the thrill of making more money.

Somehow, her facade came crumbling. Turns out she isnt as put together and serene as she appears. No! She is strugggling inside. There is a darkness. Something she yearns for but hasnt quite gotten. She doesnt understand. But she is missing something. Yet…she has been living her life believing her purpose was to heal the world. That has been her reason. She loved animals (hence her being vegan). And was angry at John’s character for being a hunter and proudly showing off his kills. Somebody killed her goat at the beginning of the movie, so she was still sensitive about that.

She tried to get them to understand why the world needed healing and shared an unsolicited story of a rather disturbing moment between her and her dad. All the while, sipping on wine.

Naturally, not the sort of convo rich uppity guys wanna have at dinner. Right? Suffering people? Homeless people? Nah.

The wine was beginning to get to her. And more crumblings. She wasnt a happy soul. Connie’s character was now beginning to show her doubts…her discomfort was showing especially as she had sang Beatriz’s praises to high heavens.

Beatriz didn’t understand how and why they could be so insensitive to the plight of the world. Cant they see the world is dying? Its easier to desteoy than to build. Why not build? Why not heal? Why add to the already damaged world? Cant they hear the cries?

Yup! She dampened the dinner party alright. But the rich guys…being good sports that they are…laughed it off…and moved on.

Aaaand…she had to leave…

While waiting for the tow truck Connie’shusband had angrily ordered, John’s character came out to make a call, saw her and walked over to her.

The world is dying. Yes. We all are dying. Yes. But why such darkness? Loosen up, be free? This life will be gone eventually, why not enjoy it? (Note, I am not quoting verbatim…but that’s the general thrust of his words to her).

She suddenly realised…her purpose was not to heal the world. But to rid the world of those who hated it. John Lithgow’s character became the embodiment of what was wrong with the world. If she could only kill him. Then the world will be free.

She then killed him. Stabbed him in the neck. With a letter opener.

No! I know right. They got me too. She had only imagined doing it…but my lawd…it looked so real. Gosh

Anyway, she left with the tow truck. On the way, she had an epiphany…came down from the vehicle. Went into the ocean and supposedly drowned. Not without having a look of peace and surrender on her face.

Meanwhile, the dinner party was going well. They lit umbrella candles and released into the dark sky…they were happy…and each had a look of peace on their faces.

A poignant film. I havent stopped thinking about it.

What did I learn?

When you have a hunger to heal the world, look inwards, is there something in you that needs healing?

Are you running with a purpose so big it consumes you? Keeps you in a bubble and isolates you?

Do you suddenly see those wjo are not as passionate as you as the enemy…and you judge them?

It is impossible to heal the world. God is still trying in that regard…then mere mortals? Be wise! Taking up such a project can swallow you up…an inability to see the results you desire will cause you to feel depressed and frustrated.

No matter how passionate you are about your purpose and healing the world, when you leave, the world will continue, as though you were never in it…and memories of you will fade in time.

Do not forget who you are. Self love is key. Building healthy relationships is the support system you need to push your purpose.

When pushing your purpose be realistic and be clear about your goals.

Yes, the world needs healing. But it can only come from those who are filled with light from the inside.

Live life, love life. Be kind. Be positive

That way, you wont be consumed to the point your purpose kills you after robbing you of the joy of living.

I guess what I am trying to say is;

Be Purpose Driven with Smart Execution and Intentional Living.

If you wish to see it…the movie is on netflix. You will thank me. If not, I owe you a drink.

Thanks formreading. Cheers


talking more about stress will boost quality and quantity of lives - Kris Oziofu Ero

Being alive alone is stressful.
Stress is an aspect of daily living, so a level of stress is expected and quite normal.

Most often stress is caused by anxiety brought on by undue pressure. Makes those most prone to stress those who are natural worryers and those who do lots of multitasking. That is why women account for the highest ratio when it comes to stressed individuals.

A lot of people have equated hardwork to stress so much that most bosses dont see it as a problem. For them, it just simply is a sign that their subordinates are working.

However, when stress becomes a cause for worry is when it begins to affect your lifestyle negatively.

You no longer find joy in the little things that used to enthrall you. You find that your eating pattern has changed drastically – you either eat too much or too little. You are drinking more. You are sleeping less. Or more. You are constantly fatigued. You have a constant feeling of exasperation and frustration. Your productivity goes down. You begin to notice fluctuations in your weight. I could go on and on.

Do you currently identify with these indicators? Then you most probably are stressed.

So what do you do? What did you do?

I will talk about how you can fight stress in subsequent posts.

May Wellness Fall on You!



The world of wellness coaching is at best a very vague one and not often as specific as it should be, especially as there are so many aspects to wellness. So, one hears wellness coaching and for some that automatically translates to nutritional or fitness advise.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A wellness coach is not there to advise you. A wellness coach as a professional, helps people evaluate their current physical and emotional state, and guide them towards setting goals for what THEY want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on action plans to reach THEIR goals.

In other words, what a wellness coach does is work a client through various aspects of their lives and helping them see areas they need to make changes. This process is very important, because it is vital for the client to KNOW and ACKNOWLEDGE where and how they need to make changes. Once the realization hits them, it is easier to begin the journey.

The problem with “giving advise” most times, is that it comes from a place of generalization and assumption AND not from a personalized knowledge of the client. Which is a lazy and unethical approach that does more harm than good. Coaching is not and should not be a mass product. It ought to be tailored to suit your client. Whether it is a corporate or individual client.

Which is why, as a holistic wellness facilitator or coach, I strive for a more lasting effect. It is not always about the obvious. It is about taking into account all areas of my client’s life. However, it has to be an intense and dedicated collaboration between me and them to achieve the desired goals.

As wellness coaches we provide highly personalized help and also take different approaches based on our specialization; it is important we help our potential clients identify if our approach matches their current goals.

If your client does not have a pleasant, positive and motivating experience working with you, then you are doing it so wrong. As a wellness coach you need to be empathetic and be in the moment. The first step most probably is a discussion finding out what is important to them, why they are looking for help and what they want to achieve. If you do not have a listening ear, then its is practically impossible, to develop an action plan right for your client, leading to frustration and a coaching failure.

If as a client; your wellness coach doesn’t motivate you to stay on track as you make lifestyle changes, is unable to provide practical small steps and empower you to achieve your goals while providing guidance and support along the way. then, you are with the wrong coach. Look for another. You deserve it.


the wellness boss

Women go through a lot. And I am not saying this to discount what men also face, because
Mental health problems affect women and men equally, but some are more common among women. However, men do not have the luxury of dealing with certain hormonal imbalances brought on by menstrual stress, childbirth, menopause to name a few.

Yes, we are wired a little differently than our beloved male counterparts. This wiring causes us to react in certain ways to events or situations that might undermine our mental health.

In my work, I have realized that the key to everything in life is our mental health. The brain made up numerous neurotransmitters that control every facet of our being and determines how healthy we become in ANY area of our lives. Before we begin to talk about attaining wellness, our mindset needs to first of all be addressed.

In a recent episode of #TWSK – my radio program, “The Wellness Show with Kris”, I decided to focus on mental wellness. Specifically as it related to women, being that we were celebrating Women’s Month. My guest Kathlyn Eyitemi and I tried to understand why WHO says women are more susceptible to mental health issues. As one who has also dealt with mental health issues, I was eager to rub minds who had also experienced it but from a different angle.

After highlighting the pre-disposing factors that affect women, we geared more towards rape and spousal or domestic abuse. And the issue of the culture of silence and patriarchy that enables the development of mental ill-health. Kathlyn was led to share her own experiences with both situations. How she lacked people to help her out of the funk she was living in. This is so symptomatic with almost every female that has been abused. You are made to feel it your fault. You are shamed. You are silenced. So you are forced to carry your burden alone becoming an emotional wreck.

The tricky thing about mental health is that it represents in different ways. A sufferer might appear put together but is in deep turmoil. Which ends up affecting physical, social and financial health.

To learn more about our discussion, click HERE to listen to podcast

However, if you need help with dealing with your mental health challenge, contact me HERE directly.

Kris Oziofu Ero Kathlyn Eyitemi
Kathlyn and I after the show


Adulting is H.A.R.D!!!

Worrying about exams, money, bills, rent, relationships, broken hearts, sex, building a career, paying staff salaries, hustling for clients, etc…can take a toll on our emotional and physical health.

Then imagine going ahead to compound the issue by getting married and having children?

Ehnnn…no wahala now – you easily turn to that which helps you cope. And there are so many options to choose from. The healthy and the unhealthy ones. The good and the bad. But, for the sake of this post, lets focus on coffee, shall we?

So, if you know me…you know of the very interesting relationship I have with coffee. Oh boy. This relationship is a classic case of “if loving you is wrong, then I dont want to be right”…lol. And this love has found me on the side of guilt several times ehnnn, because what you keep hearing is that coffee is bad.

It became even more of an issue for me when I became a wellness entrepreneur, preaching healthy lifestyles and healthy consumption practices. Talk about being hypocritical, right? Anyway, recently I got to thinking…about my ‘hypocrisy’, and serious accountability beckoned. I realized I owed it to myself and mostly to you all to find out what the experts are saying about coffee. How baaaaad is it really? I mean, I know there are pros…but do they surpass the cons? For the sake of healthy living…do we (I) have to forgo coffee? *gasps*

Alright…lets dive in!

An undisputed fact is that coffee is one of the most important beverages in the world. It comes from a type of berry and is a stimulant – which is usually attributed to its caffeine content. It has been around for centuries and is consumed in different forms. Caffeinated or decaffeinated. Black, Mocha, Capuccino, Latte…you name it.

There are people who do not take coffee for mainly one of these two reasons;

1)They have a high-intolerance or sensitivity 2) They are scared for their health.

Well; did you know that most nutritionists think the pros of coffee intake outweigh the cons? Yup.Dr Wendy Doyle of the British Dietetic Association says ‘there is no conclusive evidence to prove that it is bad for you, unless you are pregnant’. Research has even shown that caffeine supports wellness and can also have protective effects.


  1. coffee improves focus and mental alertness
  2. coffee may lower the risk for coronary disease and protect against heart failure. In cited studies, moderate coffee intake was associated with a lower risk for coronary heart disease as far out as 10 years, and new data suggests that an average of 2 cups a day protects against heart failure.
  3. coffee consumption may cut stroke risk by as much as 25%. While its impact on stroke risk in those with cardiovascular disease is still in question, data presented at the European Meeting on Hypertension 2012 found that 1 to 3 cups a day may protect against ischemic stroke in the general population.
  4. contrary to popular belief, studies have linked coffee consumption with improved glucose metabolism, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and promotion of weight loss in overweight people.
  5. according to recent data moderate to heavy coffee consumption (4-6 cups per day) can reduce the risk for numerous cancers. The benefits are thought to be at least partially due to its antioxidant and anti-mutagenic properties.
  6. coffee drinkers reportedly have significantly decreased risk of developing depression. A 2011 study suggests that a boost in coffee consumption might also benefit our mental health: women who drank 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day had a 15% decreased risk for depression compared with those who drank less than 1 cup per week. A 20% decreased risk was seen in those who drank 4 cups or more per day.
  7. coffee has been reported to slow disease progression in alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The liver helps to break down coffee, but coffee might also protect the liver (in some cases).
  8. it’s clear that coffee temporarily affects cognition, many of us need it to get going in the morning! But new research also links it with more enduring effects on cognitive wellbeing including slowing the progression of dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
  9. coffee greatly improves physical work out. It is said that a cup of coffee before a workout session can boost  your performance by 11-12%, this is as a result of the adrenaline that coffee increases in the body.

Now all these sound fine and dandy…but its not all good though. As with everything in life, coffee also comes with its dark side if not properly handled. Most medics are of the opinion that, it’s not always coffee that is harmful in itself, but how it is produced. For instance, research shows that decaffeinated coffee is more likely to trigger rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic disease of the joints. In a study by Dr Kenneth Saag of America’s University of Alabama, the results pointed out that four cups of caffeinated coffee each day showed no risk of developing RA.

Regular tea drinking actually helped prevent RA – thanks to its high levels of antioxidants which are thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect. But the researchers showed that decaffeinated coffee doubled the risk of the disease. It is thought that in some countries certain solvents are used to dissolve the caffeine out of the beans which can have an inflammatory effect on joints in our body.
In the brain, caffeine blocks the areas that receive adenosine, a biochemical compound with sedative effects. As the day wears on, the overworked brain naturally releases more adenosine to slow activity and trigger sleep. But when you take in caffeine, these receptors get blocked, your heart rate speeds up, and you get a jolt of heightened alertness — which might be what you want so you can keep going, but meanwhile what your brain is looking for to revive itself  is sleep, not caffeine.

This caffeine buzz affects the adrenal glands, causing them to pump out more of the stress hormones norepinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol. As the adrenal glands become overworked, the daily rhythms of cortisol release are thrown off and we get both lasting fatigue and insomnia. This is how the caffeine habit often backfires: the more you drink, the more it saps your energy.

  1. even though coffee has antioxidants, drinking too much of it, can cause your skin to age (wrinkle). This is a result of dehydration which is the worst thing for your skin. So when you’re drinking that morning cup or two, make sure that you’re pairing it with water. Even better, add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to your water and let them sit for 30 minutes. The chia seeds keep you even more hydrated than regular water.
  2. it’s true that coffee can cause the body to excrete calcium in urine. Which can lead to osteoporosis. According to The Diet Channel, about five milligrams of calcium is lost per every six ounces of coffee consumed. But these calcium losses can be counter balanced with two tablespoons of milk or yogurt per cup of coffee.
  3. it is not advisable for pregnant women…but if you have to, no more than a cup a day
  4. if you drink 80-100 cups (23 litres) in a short session, coffee can actually kill you *shock*. This dose is lethal and will amount in 10-13 grams of caffeine within your body. Before you reach this point, however, you would have been vomiting most of it out since 23 litres of any liquid is a lot and can really kill you…even if its the almighty water.
  5. it can cause insomnia and restlessness

Reactions to caffeine vary from individual to individual. Some indulge and literally can go about their business. Others take a sip and they are a wreck. It all depends on our DNA, our body type and nurture. However, from the information above, we have seen that though drinking coffee in moderation has generally positive effects, excessive use may lead to problems, especially in sensitive individuals and especially as we grow older.
What this means is that…I can keep drinking my coffee…Yaaay!

However, the wise thing to do…as with anything is to control one’s intake of coffee. Do more of organic coffee as their beans have had no exposure to pesticides. Take your coffee between meals. Take in lots of water as coffee has a dehydrating effect. Cut down on the sugar. Always check your health status to be sure you are not sensitive or intolerant to caffeine. Once you notice, that you are exhibiting addictive symptoms…it is time to slow down. Living in wellness means having the wisdom to moderate habits.

It is okay if you still cant take coffee, it really is not for everyone. Really. No hard feelings. Lol. There are other options such as various types of teas to choose from.
Pssst…by the way, did you know that the feared caffeine makes up just 1 or 2 % of the bean? Just 1 or 2%!!! Anyway, research is ongoing on the other components that make up the 98% to find out their individual and collective effects.
Are you a coffee drinker like me? Let me know what your experience is like. In the meanwhile, Happy Adulting!!

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