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I am Kris Oziofu Ero and I am The Wellness Boss. I am so excited welcoming you, this means you are seeking solutions…and you have come to the right place.

Kris Oziofu Ero

In 2013, I went into a coma as a result of an undetected spike in my blood pressure. Upon waking, I discovered I had no memory whatsoever of who I was or where I was. After a series of tests, the doctors declared I had Amnesia. I had lost all my ability to remember my past, but I could make new memories.

As a result, I spent my every waking moment learning about my condition and world so I could fit in. Fighting through a dark period characterised by depression, anger and suicidal thoughts, I came out of it determined to educate others on how powerful our lifestyle choices are to our wellbeing as well as guide them on how they can make healthier ones.

Now, after a dedicated and continuous period of trainings and research, I am a highly sought after resource on TV and radio shows, have featured in several events as a facilitator and public speaker, have produced and hosted a child/family wellness radio show, have helped numerous individuals and organisations with identifying their wellness needs and guided them to attaining optimal wellness.

I am also the convener of an annual wellness program focused on children as well as the publisher of a digital wellness magazine. In 2015, I was honored as one of 50 women changing the face of journalism in Nigeria.

With this site, you will get to enter my professional and sometimes personal world. I will help you critically examine your lifestyle and expose you to ways you can attain the life that is best for you. My approach is holistic as I believe fully in the body-mind-soul synchronisation. Coming from a background where I personally experienced and survived a health challenge, coupled with professional trainings; I know how to sieve the wheat from the chaff.

They don’t call me The Wellness Boss for nothing.

So, if you are looking for that platform that speaks your language and yet addresses your needs, you are in the right place.

Do you need a customized employee well-being program instilled in your organisation? Are you clueless regarding Stress Management? Are you having challenges with dieting and need a healthier option? Do you need guidance on how to boost your lifestyle?

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May Wellness Fall On You!!